Mission Seed Solutions works with the best genetic researchers in the industry.  Every soybean variety is selected based on local needs and performance.  Mission Seed products are tested and evaluated for local disease tolerance and yield potential

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Brand Maturity Feature Brand Trait
A00837NR2 0.0 Proven performance over years and environments RR2Y
A00948X 0.0 Very Good IDC!! Xtend
A00904N 0.0 Excellent IDC Xtend
B2619GL 0.0 GTLL Balance
A00918X 0.1 Excellent IDC Xtend
B0119E 0.1 Take anywhere 0.1 bean!! Enlist E3
A0127R2 0.1 Great lateral branching RR2Y
A0357R2 0.3 Excellent phytophthora root rot tolerance RR2Y
B0347LL 0.3 Very good early vigor soybean LL
A0338X 0.3 Excellent lateral branching Xtend
B0308GL 0.3 Handles salts well GTLL Balance
A0467NXR2 0.4 Excellent performance across several years testing Xtend
A0537NXR2 0.5 Key product for the 0.4-0.5 RM market Xtend
B0547NLL 0.5 Great Yield East to West LL
A0516NR2 0.5 Emerges fast for quick plant establishment RR2Y
A0646NR2 0.6 Great emergence RR2Y
B0687NLL 0.6 Consistent LL performance north to south across 0.6 RM zone LL
A0777NR2 0.7 Very good standability RR2Y
A0757NXR2 0.7 Great IDC tolerance Xtend
B0708GL 0.7 Handles narrow rows well GTLL Balance
A0718X 0.7 Great IDC with Excellent Standability Xtend
A0778X 0.7 Great bean that moves west and south well Xtend
A0826NR2 0.8 Top end yield potential RR2Y
A0917NR2 0.9 Strong IDC tolerance RR2Y
C0926R 0.9 Very good tough acre bean RR
A0976NXR2 0.9 Has a nice yield punch in a .9 maturity Xtend
B1048E 1.0 Natural PRR resistance Enlist E3
B1008GL 1.0 Very good yielding bean fo MN and ND GTLL Balance
A1156NR2 1.1 Great Yield performance on all soil types RR2Y
A1167NXR2 1.1 Top performing variety in early group 1 beans Xtend
B1186NLL 1.1 Strong field performance over last 3 years LL
B1256NLL 1.2 Great higher yielding companion to B1186NLL LL
A1376NXR2 1.3 Solid performer in early group 1 maturity Xtend
B1308GL 1.3 Medium tall, bushy, light tawny variety GTLL Balance
B1338E 1.3 Excellent Standability Enlist E3
A1478X 1.4 moves across variable environments Xtend
A1366NR2 1.4 Sets a new yield standard for mid Group 1 varieties RR2Y
A1496NR2 1.4 Broad adaptability but very impressive in SD RR2Y
A1457NXR2 1.4 Broad adaptability west to east Xtend
B1526NLL 1.5 Has shown a 105% yield advantage over current Group 2 Liberty varieties LL
A1637NXR2 1.6 Bean that goes from SD to Wisc. Xtend
A1686NR2 1.6 Great stress tolerant bean for marginal soils RR2Y
B1608GL 1.6 Medium height light tawny variety GTLL Balance
B1748E 1.7 Yield yield yield Enlist E3
A1896NR2 1.7 Top yielder in the 1.7 maturity RR2Y
B1746NLL 1.7 Excellent yield in 2016-18 LL
A1876NXR2 1.8 Great yield as moved west into Dakota’s. Xtend
A1857NR2 1.8 Broad adaption across acres RR2Y
A1828X 1.8 Excellent white mold bean Xtend
B1808GL 1.8 Great plant health GTLL Balance
B1908GL 1.9 Medium-tall light tawny plant type GTLL Balance
A1946NR2 1.9 Unprecedented yield levels at 1.9 RM RR2Y
B1917NLL 1.9 Exceptional yield! LL
B2037NLL 2.0 Medium height with very good standability LL
A2076NXR2 2.0 Key product for the 2.0 RM market Xtend
A2057NR2 2.0 Very uniform bean with great performace RR2Y
A2089NR2 2.0 3 year history of outstanding performance RR2Y
B2048E 2.0 Excellent standability Enlist E3
B2208GL 2.2 Excellent yield in 2017-18 GTLL Balance
A2228X 2.2 Very good IDC Xtend
A2267NR2 2.2 Yield stability across Minnesota to E. markets RR2Y
A2257NXR2 2.2 Golden/tawny phentotype - very showy! Xtend
B2276NLL 2.2 Consistent performance in group II maturity LL
B2347NLL 2.3 Handles all soil types LL
A2328X 2.3 Very good standability and excellent disease package Xtend
A2456NR2 2.4 Key line that performs from SD to Michigan RR2Y
A2487NXR2 2.4 Great against SDS Xtend
A2477NXR2 2.4 Neb.-Mich. bean with excellent performance Xtend
B2408E 2.4 Great defensive package Enlist E3
B2447L 2.4 High yielding light tawny/tan variety LL
A2568X 2.5 Dominates in Iowa across multiple tests! Xtend
A2606NR2 2.6 Yield leader across the 2.6 RM in the industry RR2Y
A2637NXR2 2.6 Broad acre bean: Ne.-Ohio Xtend
B2637NLL 2.6 Very popular LL bean throughout the industry LL
B2678GL 2.6 High performaning variety across Iowa to Indiana GTLL Balance
A2727NXR2 2.7 Dominant western performance in '16 - W. Ia. and Ne. Xtend
A2837NXR2 2.8 Nice plant style and standability Xtend
B2847NLL 2.8 LL
A2846NR2 2.8 High yielding variety for SD, Ne., Ia., and IL. RR2Y
A2848X 2.8 Adapted E-W with excellent yield potential Xtend
B2828E 2.8 Works well everywhere in zone Enlist E3
B2998GL 2.9 Top yielding variety across Iowa and Illinois GTLL Balance
A2957X 2.9 Very strong yield performance across Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois! Xtend
B2967NLL 2.9 New LL top yielding genetics LL
A3087NXR2 3.0 Very Good protection against SDS Xtend
B3049E 3.0 Greate disease package Enlist E3
B3108E 3.1 Moves well east to west in zone Enlist E3
A3208X 3.2 Performs acoss all soil types, Good on high pH soils Xtend
B3267NLL 3.2 LL
A3267NXR2 3.2 New Xtend genetics with best performance in Ia, IL, and N. Mo. Xtend
A3379X 3.3 Very good natural PRR field tolerance Xtend
B3449E 3.4 Excellent IL IN OH variety Enlist E3
A3437NXR2 3.4 75% WIN rate in '16 testing E-W Xtend
B3547NLL 3.5 Excellent standability LL
A3788X 3.7 Most broadly-adapted variety across the US in 2017. Xtend
B3877NLL 3.8 Medium Height , intermediate bush plant type LL
A3937NXR2 3.9 New Xtend genetics with top end performance from KS to OH Xtend
A3917NR2 3.9 Great defensive player with strong IDC, PRR and FELS RR2
A3987NXR2 3.9 Beautiful Xtend Bean, Beautiful Yields Xtend
B4018GL 4.0 Light tawny/brown plant type GTLL Balance
A4108X 4.1 Excellent yield in Mississippi Delta Xtend
B4139E 4.1 Fits Kansas east through Southern Corn Belt Enlist E3
A4137NSR2 4.1 STS for all 4.0 regions across the U.S. RR2Y
A4167NSXR2 4.1 Xtend variety that top performance in KS and Mo. Xtend
B4157NLL 4.1 LL variety that works well across all soil types LL
A4247NSXR2 4.2 #2 in Delta variety trials in '16 Xtend
B4278E 4.2 Excellent stress tolerance Enlist E3
A4369X 4.3 Great fit for Western Kansas Xtend
A4367NXR2 4.3 Tall variety adaped to Ks and W. Mo. Xtend
A4427NSXR2 4.4 Mid-south bean with light tawny/tan phenotype Xtend
A4447NSXR2 4.4 Works great on all soils in the Delta Xtend
B4427NSLL 4.4 High yielding #2 place in 4.0 variety testing LL
A4448X 4.4 Root Knot King - Excellent root knot nematode tolerance Xtend
A4518X 4.5 Best performance on loam to mixed soils - too short for clay Xtend
A4608X 4.6 Clay King - Tall variety with great performance on Delta Clay Soils Xtend
A4618X 4.6 Good yield performance on Mid-South loam to mixed soils Xtend
B4668GL 4.6 Versitile variety that fits all soil types GTLL Balance
B4649E 4.6 Performs well on heavy clay soils Enlist E3
A4688X 4.6 Great for lighter soils but also gets good height on clays Xtend
A4637NSXR2 4.6 Dominant line for yield in all phases of testing in '16 Xtend
A4657NSXR2 4.6 STS tol. For W., Delta, and E. coast Xtend
B4767NLL 4.7 Responds very well in high yield environments. LL
A4807SR2 4.8 Attractive light tawny tan stacked with STS RR2
A4847NSXR2 4.8 Indeterminate bean for 4.8 RM E-W across U.S. Xtend
B4839E 4.8 Great lodging scores Enlist E3
A4828X 4.8 Rice King - Performs on Delta clay soils Xtend
A4878X 4.8 Mr. Consistent - Stable performance across all environments Xtend
A4950X 4.9 Very versatile variety that fits all soil types in the Mid-South Xtend
B4948L 4.9 LL
B4956LL 4.9 Solid light tawny LL
A5127NSXR2 5.1 Xtend variety that is a top performer in Mid West, East Coast, and Delta Xtend
A5128X 5.1 Workhorse Variety with Consistent Performance Xtend
A5278X 5.2 Race Horse - High-yielding early Group V- Indeterminate Xtend
A5267SR2 5.2 5.2 maturity STS and Salt Excluder for Mid south , Delta (all soils), KS and OK RR2Y
A5558X 5.5 Excellent on Clay soil and top yielder over two years Xtend
A6228X 6.2 Early Group 6 Determinate for South Delta and East Coast Xtend